Auto Phase Selector  

Industries require three phases power to run their machinery. Some of them require continuous \ uninterrupted power to maintain their data. We introduce auto phase selector unit for those equipment whose supply is single phase. The single phase supply is selected automatically from three phases supply.


Auto Phase Selector introduces an automatic solution to overcome power fluctuation \  phase interruption by selecting next most healthy available phase to feed the equipment.


APS works by sensing of input voltage in all the available phases. It allows passing one particular phase that is most suited or in-range (150V-275V adj.). If voltage of first selected phase goes out of range or that particular phase goes-off then the equipment automatically transferred the load to next most suited phase with in 15 sec. If the voltage in all of three phases goes out of range or all three phases goes off then equipment will disconnect the load. The limit of lower & upper voltage for selecting suitable phase is (150 ± 5 V to 275 ± 5 V) adjustable as per customer requirement.


APS has (LED / LCD) indications for individual phases and output showing their status,

  • display meter showing voltages available in three phases (optional), manual by-pass facility.
  • Product range: APS are available for meeting your requirement,
  • first for selecting one phase from available three & selecting one phase from available any one or all three phases.
  • Current rating available for both models (60, 80,100,130,150A) as meeting your requirement.

General Specification

  • Micro Processor based unit.
  • Control unit is protected with plastic case with IP65 protection standard.
  • This equipment meets IEC standard.
  • Connection line diagram and user guide is available along with equipment.
  • This equipment is available in wall mountable case as well as rack mountable case.
  • Relays and contractors require ventilation so that en-closer will be suitable for their requirement.

Technical Specification

  • It monitors all three phases and pass one of them which is under window (165 – 265Volt AC) range.
  • It displays all three phases on LCD one by one with their voltage value.
  • It displays all three voltage value to indicate their availability. Connected phase will displayed with LED.
  • All three phases are settable separately as desired value between (155 – 275Volt AC) range.
  • One LCD and Keypad with three keys are provided to set the desired voltage value.
  • If a phase ® is connected and goes out of range then it ® will disconnected. New phase (S/T) will select at once and remain connected.
  • If first input ® return to their normal voltage, remains disable/passive itself till other both (S/T) input s are available.
  • If any single phase is available and is in range that will be connected automatically to the load.
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